Arctic Vortex, Original abstract painting on canvas, 24" x 36"

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Created December 2017 by professional artist Rachel Town

What if I told you that this painting has already been present for an exhibit in a gallery and generated so much traffic and offers to buy that their entire volume of customers, staff, and reviews has increased by 142%. 

Why am I offering this here and now instead of where these offers came from? 

I refused to sell this priceless beauty unless someone actually had a real connection to it and understood its relevance in time.

I stood back in the shadows observing as groups peered and questioned amongst themselves.

I've been waiting for that one person to finally understand what this painting actually means.

The seasons are changing if you haven't noticed, for every part of the world. A real connection is difficult to come by. If you actually have a meaning for wanting to purchase this painting, I'm always available to chat. 

Here's the generic advertising description you've been waiting for...

This original acrylic painting on stretched gallery wrapped canvas features a beautiful abstract snowscape of a beach during a polar vortex. The color shift acrylic paint gives a surreal effect of the waves as their appearance from different angles in the winter is always shifting. Authentic beach glass from my personal collection is used representing the snow falling in the sky.