Abandoned Motel, Original abstract painting on canvas, 11" x 14"

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<body> <h1>Created February 2018 by professional artist Rachel Town</h1> <p><span>This loud and impulsive original canvas painting is not a real place, however, inspired by a 1970's motel seen off the side of the road about 10 years ago. It may have been the 12-hour drive during a road trip taking its toll or it may have been the deserted nature of the building that caught my eye and engraved such a vivid memory. Once a business that catered to giving people a way to receive a good nights rest, now lies abandoned on the side of the road with signs falling down, an old TV still connected as the robbers just gave up halfway down the sidewalk, and holes in the ceiling as the overgrown grass takes over.</span></p> </body>