Decisions, Original Acrylic Canvas Painting, 30"X48"

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Created March 2018 by professional artist Rachel Town

Dimensions: 30"Wx48"Hx1.2"D

Inspired by a post-impressionism style, the human being at the top of the islands of cascading waterfalls must make an important decision on how to approach the situation of getting to the other island to cross the bridge and somehow get down to the secret door hidden in the last waterfall. With two birds offering advice behind the human being, the light ascends forward with their own guidance of wisdom not letting logical explanation hold them back. 

This original canvas painting was created using a museum wrap Masterpiece Vincent Pro canvas, high-quality professional acrylic paints, and personally collected beach glass from the shores of Lake Erie.

This painting is currently at Briquette's Smokehouse.

Formly juried at the Erie Museum of Art.