Nighted Pier, Original Beach Acrylic Painting on Canvas, 16"X20"

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Created January 2018 by professional artist Rachel Town

Dimensions: 16"WX20"HX1"D

This is an enchanting beach scene of a lighted pier in the middle of the night from a side angle of one point perspective. The surrounding waters ripple as you move across this acrylic painting creating a lively effect from using Folk Art Color Flash acrylic paint on this archival quality gallery canvas. This beautiful work of art would be stunning to hang above a fireplace on the mantle. Any space that needs the feeling of happiness and gratitude would be fitting as this piece was free-hand painted from the memories of the pier that extends from the pond in my childhood backyard, however, the lights were artistically added to this memory.

Authentic Lake Erie beach glass and real beach sand adhere to this original painting from my personal collection. It feels just like you're at the beach on a warm summer evening!