High Tide, Original beach painting on canvas, 20"X20"

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Created in 2018 by professional artist Rachel Town. 


This painting depicts when the sun and moon are polar opposites and the high tide of the water at the beach is about to roll in as you can view the waves further back picking up momentum. Beach glass from my personal secret collection found on the shores of Lake Erie in Ashtabula, Ohio, was utilized within this masterpiece.

Beach glass can be discovered amongst the beach sand and pebbles once the waves toss them around and naturally polish and frost them into rare beach gems.

When high tide arrives while I'm combing the beach for beach glass treasures it's my favorite part of the day, I love the rush when the waves start to warn its getting close to this time. This is the reasoning why I've included one of my treasured ultra-rare beach glass marbles on top of the beach glass stacked vertically glistening in the sunshine!